Pharmaceutical Labs is an integrative cGMP Pharmacy Manufacturing Facility, dedicated to providing patients and healthcare providers with the highest quality, innovative medicines while reducing overall medication cost and helping those who cannot afford to buy their medications.

Mission Statement

Be recognized as an industry leader and supplier by the FDA, healthcare providers, and patients for specialty innovative formulations to reliably meet unmet needs. We are driven by our passionate commitment to innovation, highest quality, and affordable products.

Corporate Commitment

We firmly believe that innovative medicines will have the greatest impact for today’s patients needs. As a result, we are driven to deliver specialty formulations that will deliver positive outcomes. We demand an environment that reflects quality as our only objective validated by the results of patients and healthcare practitioners. We seek to earn each patient trust. Our diverse workforce will enjoy an atmosphere of respect, trust, honesty, fairness, and empowerment.


We are responsible to the community in which we live, work, and distribute products. We are committed to deliver only safe and quality products.
Our Leadership, Directors and Employees will reflect the following values:

  • Be good citizens.
  • Treat everyone with respect, honest, and integrity.
  • Embrace and demonstrate our quality cultural traits.
  • Encourage an atmosphere diversity, innovation, and continuous improvement.


We are totally and ultimately responsible to our patients, customers, healthcare practitioners, family members, the FDA, BOP, and partners. Our goal is to protect, enhance and protect lives.

Management Philosophy

Our management culture is driven by highly principled leaders, who will employ a full participative management approach, encouraging all innovative ideas. We will maintain a commitment to quality. We see our patients as family and will do everything to protect their safety. We will invest into new markets addressing the needs of the community and will become the industry vendor of choice. Our employees will enjoy an atmosphere that fosters development and growth for they are our most valuable assets.

Ernesto Samuel, Chief Executive Officer

With over twenty-five years of successful scientific and technical leadership, Ernesto Samuel is a highly accomplished executive. Since his career foundation as a pharmacist and chemist in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, he has consistently developed high performance teams, often exceeding shareholders and investor’s expectations. His entrepreneurial spirit demonstrates strong strategic planning and management skills. Samuel most recently served as Vice President of Production, Pharmacy, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Regulatory for IBA Molecular, a global leader in PET Radiopharmaceutical drugs. Implementing his vision with effective leadership, he designed and managed the transformation of pharmacies nationwide to full manufacturing facilities based on CGMP standards. In less than two years, he upgraded facilities, trained personal and created a new company culture. He established the company as a frontrunner in the industry. A key accomplishment was the negotiations to create a partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company to manufacturer their new innovative radiopharmaceutical drug encompassing all aspects of cost, revenue, quality platforms and supply chain. He has served as board member of Pharmalogics Montreal, a leading PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturer. Samuel has also acted as youth career advisor and provides continued community counseling on self-improvement. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, he adopted an orphanage, offering support to 23 children. In addition, he has supplied pharmacy and medical support to Third World countries. Samuel earned an M.B.A. from The College of St. Rose, NY and a B.S. in Pharmacy from St. John’s University, NY.

Elmise Jean-Pierre, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Elmise Jean-Pierre contributes to the executive team with expertise in pharmacology, drug interactions, and drug-disease interactions as both a licensed physician and pharmacist. Throughout her career, she has shown a passion for saving lives and improving quality of life. She has accrued a wide variety of professional experiences in family practice, medical clinics and pain management facilities, as well as an emergency room physician and hospitalist. Dr. Jean-Pierre strengths are found in her communication skills with patients, family members and coworkers. She is a strong advocate of patient counseling and is a champion of Drug Utilization Management. She has been Board Certified in Internal Medicine for 10 years. Additionally, Dr. Jean-Pierre has worked as a hospital and community pharmacist for 11 years, including in the role of pharmacy manager. She serves as the Director of Medical Outreach in her community and leads the Health Nugget program, speaking publically on its behalf. She has hosted community medical fairs as well as provided medical support for underprivileged families in the Schenectady community. In addition, she is has provided overseas medical missions and is a co-sponsor of an orphanage in Haiti. Dr. Jean Pierre holds a BSC in pharmacy from St. John’s University, NY and a Doctor of Medicine from Ross University, completing her residency at New York Hospital. She is fluent in French.

John Mather, Director of Analytical Services and Technical Support

Previously Director of Quality Assurance with IBA Molecular, John Mather has extensive knowledge of the FDA and other regulatory agencies and has been the liaison with those agencies. He recently built a quality program to oversee the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals, successfully transitioned eleven pharmacies to full GMP and filed three ANDAs as required by the FDA. With over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Mather has previously served as Director of Production and Quality Control Manager and has experience with international pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements. He also has extensive analytical chemistry experience in both pharmaceutical quality control and R&D and has been responsible for the quality of raw materials, bulk pharmaceutical ingredients and both sterile and nonsterile final products. John Mather received an MS in chemistry from Hull University (UK).